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Jul 30

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Sep 16

Want to thank everyone who has made Velo City Riders Cycling Club a reality, from my fellow executive board members to each and every club member! Our club has grown from the visions of five to the force of over 165 members in just 3 years! We pride ourselves by sticking to our core values of safety, fitness, fun, camaraderie, and leaving no cyclist behind. We are a diverse extended family of cyclist who care and look out for one another both on and off the bikes. Thank you for the adventures, the laughs, and even the sacrifice and suffering. For there is no improvement without a little suffering, but it's always nice to have company along the way. The teamwork has made the dream work! We are and forever shall be.....VeloStrong!!

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  • Sometimes we all need to slow down and as my grandmother would say Stop and smile the coffee. My Monday's Wednesday's and Saturday's are nothing more than Fun, Exciting and filled with laughter, and I appreciate each and everyone one of you. Thank you for being a fellow Velo Member Pierre aka Master P