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travel team objectives

1. Increase club member interest and participation for out of state cycling events.


2. Gather and disseminate pertinent information regarding selected major cycling events outside of Maryland as well as possible non cycling related activities which are available at such events.


3. Serve as a conduit for those members interested in sharing accommodations or traveling together.


4. Make efforts to ensure newer and/or slower riders feel welcome and have others to ride with during out of town events.


5. Organize at least one meal during an event for VCRCC members to attend.

upcoming rides

Ride De Vine - Warrenton, NC March 24-25th


Major Taylor Convention - Indianapolis, IN June 16-19th


Ragbrai July 22th-July 29th Iowa


SpellBound Mount - Holly, NJ July 29th


Black Farm Tour Rocky Mount, NC Aug 4th-6th


MACC One Love - Atlanta, GA Sept 1st-4th


Cycle with the Pros - Miami, FL Dec Date TBA

All Clubs LA - Long Beach, CA Jan Date TBA

If you have registered for any of the above rides, please complete the below form so that we may assist you as needed. Thank you!


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