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Velo City Riders Education 

Beginners Clinics 

At the beginning of each cycling season, Velo City Riders Cycling Club offers clinics to new riders and riders who need to brush up on some skills.  The focus of the clinics is basic safety on the road with knowing the callouts and how to signal riders of road hazards.  The clinics generally run through the first 6 weeks of the season and are held on Sundays.  Some of the key topics discussed are the following:

  • Basic bike maintenance

  • Changing tires

  • Nutrition

  • Apparel

  • Gearing

  • Basic Road Safety

Development Rides

With so many new cyclists, they are unsure of which group they will fit into when they come out on a Velo City Ride.  The purpose of the Development Rides are for assessing an individuals abilities to clip in, manage their gears and hold speed over between 10 and 20 miles.  These rides help give the new rider a general idea of whether they are an A, B, C, or D rider.  The Development rides occur on Mondays during the regularly scheduled rides.  At the beginning of the season they are held weekly; however starting July 1, Development Rides will occur every other week.  The focus is also gearing depending on the needs of the group.  These rides are advertised on MeetUp because they are open to individuals who may not be members of the club.



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