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Frequently Asked Questions 

 Q: Are there cyclists that can share their experience riding in a group, while out on the road?

Yes.  Each time you come on a Velo City Rider Cycling Club Ride, there are members that have been riding for many years that are always willing to teach proper group riding etiquette and answer whatever questions you may have.

Q: Are their designated rest stops on certain rides or all rides

Yes. There are designated rest stops on all club weekday and Saturday rides. The more advance riders on the weekly A/B rides generally choose not to stop at the rest stops, but that is an individual choice.  There may be more that one rest stop on the Saturday rides because they tend to be longer in length. 

Q: Where can I purchase Velo gear?

Velo gear can be purchased when the kit or other club store is open.  Emails are sent to membership with instructions and deadlines for making a purchase.  The stores are opened a few times per season at the discretion of the Vice President.

Q: When is the store opening?

Members are notified via email of all store openings. The store opens a few times throughout the season at the discretion of the Vice President and depending upon demand. Normally the store opens for a 10 to 14 day ordering period and then it's closed for production to begin. 

Q: Where are the organized/charity rides posted?

Rides along with their respective links are posted on the ride calendar on the Velo City Riders website.

Q: Will there be ride leaders on all Velo rides?

Velo City does try to have ride leaders on all club rides; however, that is based on availability. Our main priority is to make sure everyone returns safely and no one is left out on the road alone. 

Q: I know the store has closed, but is it too late to reopen it for myself?

Yes, unfortunately there are no outside individual orders. Once the deadline for a particular store opening has passed, no further orders can be taken and the store is considered closed. You will need to wait until the store reopens again and order within the new deadline.


Q: Are the rides posted on Strava and Meetup?

Club rides and all their details are posted on our club Strava page only.  Rides that are open to the public are posted on the website and/or on Meetup.

Q: Are the rides posted on the Velo website?

The Velo Ride Calendar is a general overview of rides posted for the season and is subject to change. This is not the place to look for weekly club ride details and routes.

Q: With the routes being built on Ride GPS, is there a way to navigate the route via STRAVA or Ride with GPS without the paid subscription for either?

You do not need a paid membership to Strava or Ride with GPS.  Since most of our club routes are private, you will need to request access to our Club Ride with GPS account in order to download and navigate our club routes. Strava and Ride with GPS will work hand in hand with one another to record your ride information and allow you to navigate our club routes.

Q: What are the club discounts?

Club discounts are based on our club sponsorship and they change from year to year.  The current discounts will be available on the Velo City website and/or emailed to membership.

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