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Cycling 101 

This information below will help answer many common questions and give you suggestions on how to get started. Please note that helmets are required on ALL VCRCC rides.

FAQ'S and Tips for Club Rides:


  • Be conservative. Find out who is riding at your pace and ride with that person. You will NOT be left behind.

  • Arrive early so you can acquaint yourself with fellow riders and be prepared to start on time.

  • Routes will be available for download for those with compatible cycling computers. Cue sheets will also be available at the start of the ride.

  • Unless otherwise stated, day trips will return to the starting point at the end of the ride.

  • Rider leaders will be there to answer questions and ease you into the joys of group riding. We want you to have fun, gain confidence, and improve.

  • Make sure your bike is in good working condition. Local bike shops can check and "tune up" your bike.

  • Pump up your tires to the pressure specified on the sidewall.

  • Bring essentials: 2 spare inner tubes, a pump (if you don't have one don't worry), patch kit, 2 water bottles, pocket food, ID (Road ID is best), and money (cash is best).

  • Dress for the season!!


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